W.H. Crocus Fund

Inspired by the relationship between a guide dog and its owner, an anonymous donor established the W.H. Crocus Fund in 1998 to support the training and availability of guide dogs to assist individuals who were visually impaired. Grants are made to The Seeing Eye, an organization that trains and provides seeing eye dogs, to ensure that guide dogs are placed in Oklahoma. The initial grant from the fund supported the training costs of one dog, Crocus, who was named for the fund.

The fund's support makes a very real impact on people's lives. "Although I have lost my sight, with the help of the angel who walks on my left side, I have regained my vision. She not only has guided my footsteps, she guides my heart, my mind and my spirit. She taught me to walk tall and raise my face, without fear, to the sun, wind and rain. She taught me to trust again," said a program graduate.

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